Your Town

OptTown complements your lifestyle!

Create your own town of your favorite places to shop, eat, drink and play all on one mobile app! Receive the latest deals, news, and events from your favorites when, where and how you want.

OptTown complements your lifestyle... it doesn't complicate it. No more wasting time. No more hassle sifting through emails, marketing spam or getting Facebook interuptions.

OptTown puts you in charge. You get the deals, news and loyalty programs you care about, when and where you want them. Conveniently with you all the time on your smartphone.

  • On the go – Always with you on your smartphone
  • In charge – You choose the places in your town
  • In the know – Never miss out on deals, news and events
  • Rewarded – Track your loyalty programs all conveniently in one app
  • Connected – Share with your Facebook friends and OptTown friends

You'll love having your own town of your favorite places

“OptTown is the first service that understands and works for me. I can create my town of my favorite places and receive news and deals that I really use. All on my smartphone, with me wherever I go.”

“OptTown is awesome! It's my go-to app. All my favorite places are in ONE location with their deals and news. I no longer have to search through tons of mobile apps, websites, Facebook pages or coupons in my spam filter.”

“Receiving OptTown messages from the places I love makes me feel appreciated and motivates me to keep coming back!”

“Sometimes the messages are sooo good, I get excited about sharing it with my friends on Facebook!”

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