What's OptTown?

Facebook connects friends with friends. LinkedIn connects business associates. OptTown connects consumers with their favorite businesses and businesses to their customers! OptTown is designed to support the unique requirements of the consumer-to-business relationship.

OptTown for Consumers

OptTown is the fun mobile app that connects consumers to their favorite places to shop, eat, drink and play!

OptTown is a mobile app where consumers select their favorite businesses creating their own customized virtual town. They receive deals, news and events from their favorites and manage their loyalty programs. All conveniently organized in one place, always with them on their smartphone.

OptTown for Businesses

OptTown is the next generation of permission marketing that increases profits while making customers happier.

OptTown provides self-service direct marketing sent directly to the customers’ smartphone, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and actionable marketing analytics.

OptTown uses social media, focuses on a local market, and connects to mobile consumers bridging the virtual world with the real world. OptTown provides businesses self-sufficiency through easy-to-use yet powerful, browser-based marketing tools. With OptTown, businesses improve customer retention, customer spend, customer profit mix, and new customer acquisition.

Simply put, with OptTown the business makes more profits.

Consumer has all their favorite places in one convenient app!

Business has great relationships with all their best customers!