Business-to-consumer communication

OptTown is the direct communication and customer contact solution that strengthens relationships between you and your customers enabling you to increase profits!

With OptTown you get your own mobile app and supporting tools to communicate directly to your customers.

  • Send deals, personalized messages, loyalty programs and news to customers that want to hear from you
  • Acquire new customers through customer referrals and the OptTown community of consumers
  • Know who your customers are and their purchasing profiles
  • Track the effectiveness of your marketing promotions
  • Build lasting customer relationships without feeling like a nuisance

Custom messages direct to your customers' smartphones

You're in control. It's easy! And there's no limit or cost per message.

Simply create your own direct-marketing messages using your online account.

  • Set the schedule for the marketing campaign.
  • Create the message headline and content
  • Include photos or images
  • Preview to make sure you like it
  • Automatically delivered to all your customers' smartphones!

Make every marketing dollar count!

You can easily monitor the effectiveness of your marketing. At your convenience. At no additional cost.

  • Know exactly who is receiving your messages
  • Views: Number of times your customers have viewed the message
  • Clicks: Number of times your customers have clicked on the message
  • Redeems: Number of times your customers redeemed the deal in the message
  • Shares: Number of times your customers shared the message on Facebook
  • Reach: Number of Facebook users that received the recommended message
  • Loyalty: Number of loyalty purchases and number of loyalty rewards

Know your customers and make them loyal customers!

Truly know your customers. Know their gender, age and the messages they act on. Adjust your messages based on what you know.

Make your customers feel special. Personalize messages with their name. Send them birthday specials automatically.

In turn, they will purchase more and more often. And they will recommend your business to their friends.

Marketing support to help your business thrive

The OptTown team provides you with an array of marketing support and expertise.

  1. Welcome aboard kit that includes custom signage
  2. Assistance with creating compelling direct-marketing messages
  3. Insights into optimal number of messages, message freshness and frequency
  4. Actionable marketing analytics to ensure your marketing is working for you
  5. Campaigns to increase the number of customers in your OptTown community
  6. Access to template promotions that work for your type of business
  7. Custom dashboard activity reports with insights on how to be more effective

The OptTown team wants you to be successful and will work with you to help you to help you effectively use the OptTown solution and grow your business.

Create the message to send to your customers' smartphones

Customers receive your message on their smartphones

Extensive collateral ensures your success!