Your Own Custom Mobile App - Starbucks, Walmart and Taco Bell all have one, now you can too.

Customer Opt-in Customer grants permission (opts-in) to receive your news, deals and events. They feel like they're in charge. And because they want to hear from you, you don't have to worry that you're pestering them with spam.

Automated Loyalty Program - You select the elements of your loyalty program. OptTown does the rest.

Reference Network - OptTown enables your best customers to easily reference your business.

Community of Consumers - Similar to locating your store next to the popular businesses at a shopping mall and getting exposure to all their customers, when your business joins the OptTown network, you gain immediate exposure to the OptTown community of consumers.

Targeted Communications and Offers - Using OptTown's demographic, behavior and contact information, sending targeted personalized messages is easy, powerful and effective.

Analytics - OptTown uses real-time tracking so you will know and understand the effectiveness of your messages and marketing campaigns.

Customer Feedback - OptTown is the natural and convenient place to get honest feedback from those that matter most.