Why OptTown?

You need OptTown!

Are you missing out on the "new marketing " revolution? Confused by social media, mobile apps, data analytics, Customer-Relationship Management (CRM), and cloud computing?

Do you lack the time, knowledge, wherewithal and tools to market your business? Are you struggling with:

  • Generating more revenue from existing customers?
  • Growing the number of "right" customers?
  • Knowing who your customers are?
  • Getting your customers to increase their annual spend – spend more and more often
  • Getting satisfied customers to bring in new customers (references)?

Are you spending or wasting precious marketing dollars on marketing that returns little if any value? How do you know? Are you frustrated by not being able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing investments?

If so, you need OptTown. The direct communication and customer contact solution that strengthens relationships between you and your customers enabling you to increase profits!

Dare to Compare!

There are lots of tools for small businesses to market themselves. Most are designed for new customer acquisition. OptTown offers much more.

Do you want to invest in building loyal customers or take a shot in the dark?

Several marketing services depend on selling advertising space on the pages you're paying for - your page could be advertising a competitor! A network for enhancing customer relationships cannot have competitive content on the same page.

Others attempt to deliver "new customers" via couponing where you have to spend up to 75% per coupon. Turns out most people who use those coupons are deal hunters and that's the only purchase they will ever make at your business. How many customers did you really acquire? How much did it really cost you to acquire them?

Unlike the others, OptTown provides you with a comprehensive solution that emphasizes customer relationships, unlimited messages, actionable reporting and a massive referral network leveraging Facebook.

OptTown focuses on the four proven methods for delivering profit

OptTown focuses on the fundamentals for any marketing plan - increasing profits. The four proven methods for increasing profits are:

  1. Retention – keep customers
  2. Lift – customers spend more
  3. Profit Mix – buy the higher margin products
  4. Acquisition – get new customers

The OptTown customer relationship network delivers on all four methods offering exceptional value especially when compared to others.

OptTown is the best, most cost effective marketing solution for your business!

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